A tower of strength and compassion

I would like to express my gratitude to Germiston Vet Hospital.  I arrived in South Africa on 8 July 1971 and 3 days later, bought a house and moved in on 1 August 1971 and in September 1971, I adopted a Ridgeback from Germiston SPCA.

During the last 45 years, I have had 14 dogs, all recues and in all those years my dogs have been wonderfully cared for by Germiston Vet Hospital, starting from the Cachet Road premises with Dr Basil Pappin (R3.00 per consultation in those days)!!.

The staff at the Hospital have been there for my dogs and I throughout the good days of the new dog and the awful and traumatic days of saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

Our current vet Dr Leroy has been a tower of strength and compassion, as my first meeting with him was the loss of our long-time rescue dog with major problems and the loss of a new dog with even more problems.

During these years, I have known and in some cases become good friends with all the Vets and one of the Vet Nurses and at all times have received professional, friendly care, advice and service from all staff.  The assistants at the Hospital have handled my dogs with care and affection.

Only in the case of referrals from the Vets, have I ever consulted another Vet and I would recommend Germiston Vet Hospital without any hesitation.