Best Vet in Johannesburg

My faith in humanity has been restored as there are still wonderful people in South Africa.

On Saturday, February 4, my Rottweiler, Nina, became very sick, she kept vomiting and was very tired.

We rushed her to the Germiston Veterinary Hospital where we were seen to by Dr Leroy Gambanga.

He was respectful and responsive and I doubt anyone could have helped Nina more than he did.

The thought of losing Nina was overwhelming but when I thought about how much it was going to cost to pay for her treatment I began to panic, he calmly said to me that we could discuss the matter and that we should instead focus on getting Nina back on her feet.

I thank God that there are people like Gambanga in the world who are still so willing to help.

In my opinion he is the best vet in Johannesburg, if not South Africa, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet him.