Standards are Excellent

The vets, admin staff and hospital staff of Germiston Veterinary Hospital have cared for my cats and dogs for many years. They have been consistently caring, professional and supportive of our dear furry friends. We have learned a huge amount about animal care from and with them.

I was a child living in Primrose when Doctor Pappin started in Germiston, I think in Lambton. Until then we had no vet to assist us.

We could care for our animals by very basic means. Lambton was quite far from Primrose, so we only went to the vet in serious situations.

When we moved to Parkhill in 1970, we always had dogs and cats sharing our home with us. Dr Pappin’s practice was in his house in Cachet Road and was always busy. There were about 4-6 vets working in the practice, which was always busy. They looked after our animals excellently and still do today.

Some years later, Dr Pappin and some other vets started Germiston Vet Hospital in Dinwiddie. The vets continued their excellent work caring for our animals.

In 1999 we found a grubby, stray Toypom pup.  Dr Reeve took her in, bathed her, inoculated her and gave her back to us. She lived with our family until her death in 2011. Her name was Reeva.

We still go to Germiston Vet Hospital.  Leroy looks after our animals and his standards are still excellent, with wonderful empathy with them. I love the care shown for my animals by all the staff there, in reception and in the hospital, as well as by the vets.