We are truly grateful

I have been involved with dogs in one way or another for most of my (long) life and have experience of many Veterinary practices.  Some have been good, others not so much.

At present I am heavily involved with Border Collie Rescue and one of my duties is to go and bring in dogs that require rehoming.   This happens for a variety of reasons but invariably they will need to be sterilised, vaccinated and micro chipped.  Some will require medical treatment, having either been neglected or abused.  Some will have come from outlying areas and need to be kennelled overnight and, in some cases for longer, before being taken to our kennels.

I have been fortunate enough to get to know Dr Leroy Gamdanga and his wife, Dr Bridgette at the Germiston Veterinary Hospital, both of whom go out of their way to help.  In addition the level of professionalism, expertise and general pleasantness of the staff has made what could have been a traumatic experience an enjoyable one.  As often as not, scared and fearful dogs leave looking relaxed, which is a true sign of having received good treatment.

In animal welfare and rescue, costs are obviously a huge factor.  We are truly grateful for how we are being accommodated.

On a more personal note, my own dogs like visiting here as well!

I have every confidence that the practice is well managed and really deserves your support.